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Fintonic is a finance app that's so comprehensive that once you install it you won't want to use any other, including the one from your own bank.

This app has absolutely all the information you could ask for to help control your finances: income, spending, transfers, weekly and monthly summaries, and all the information about each transaction.

When you start the app you have to select the bank where you have your account, and can include more than one. Fintonic includes a list of every bank in Spain, which solves the problems of other applications that just include the most popular ones.

Once the app has access to your account (always with the encryption and security typical of this sort of software), you'll see the latest transactions and your current balance, as well as total income and spending.

This tool also offers a detailed report of your income and spending, included automatically and categorized to help you identify where your money is going. These categories can be customized to better manage your balance sheet.

In addition, Fintonic has a tab with tips about avoiding common money-wasters, helping you save money with new ideas.

Finally, Fintonic includes an option to send an email every time a a movement happens on your account, perfect for those who don't open the app regularly but want to stay informed of everything happening with their money.
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